‘Besigye betrayed me’ Gen. Mugisha Muntu claims

‘Besigye betrayed me’ Gen. Mugisha Muntu claims
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Earlier this month, Gen Gregory Mugisha Muntu handed over the office of the president of the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) but also used the occasion to give the strongest indication that he may part ways with the party.

In his speech, Mugisha Muntu indicated that the party was polarized in its strategy on how to capture power and later transform the country.

Gen Gregory Mugisha Muntu’s close allies have been discussing a split from the defiant FDC. Photos via Nicholas Bamulanzeki

Now with the election, one would wonder how the likable gentleman that is Gen. Muntu is leading life not as party president, his views from the other side of the bench and why his group plans to take a different path in some excerpts from an interview with CBS.

Q: Dr. Kizza Besigye didn’t support you in the the recent elections. Why?

Yes it is true he did not support me. He supported my opponent Patrick Amuriat for reasons best known to him, which is a good thing for democracy. However, my major concern is that Besigye supported him secretly. I was only told by some of the delegates, and it bothers me a lot. Why didn’t he support him openly, it was not a crime.

Q: You have been accused of being a mole for Museveni. Can you explain how this came about.

Yes, I have been accused of being a mole. It has not started today, but even before I became president of FDC. Calling me a mole and spy for the ruling government was just intended to create hatred. But we only need time and we will be able to identify the moles in the party.

I have an army background, but what wins any battle is trust. When your soldiers have trust in you, regardless of the numbers, you emerge a winner. But in this case, some party members had no interest in me and they started to spread hatred by calling me a mole. Time will tell, since you can only reap what you sow, they spread lies about against me and it will be used against them by other leaders.

Q: You don’t believe in defiance?

If you make a mistake as a leader and you promote hatred among people, you are laying a foundation for hatred and you will be also subjected to it.

We (FDC) received several calls from our supporters calling for our next move after the 2016 presidential elections and we called for civil disobedience (defiance). However, it is only eight districts out of 100 that participated, and they later gave up because it is not sustainable.

Defiance can’t take FDC to power.


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