Letter :Akol apologizes to URA workers for not sharing Shs6 Billion ‘Presidential handshake’ with them.

Letter :Akol apologizes to URA workers for not sharing Shs6 Billion ‘Presidential handshake’ with them.

Following the highly publicized Shs 6 Billion “presidential handshake” that was shared amongst 42 government officials following the win in two oil cases that won the country $700m (Shs2.4 trillion).
Ms Akol is said to have written the email after some employees at the tax collection body voiced concern as to why they didn’t receive “at least something small”
In the email, the URA Commissioner General explains how the money was shared among the employees of URA and lists some top people who are on a “ghost list”.
Below is the email;

From: Doris Akol
Sent: 05 January 2017 11:41
To: All URA Staff Mail Address
Cc: Senior Management
Subject: CG’s Communication on the so called “Cash Bonanza”
Dear Team,
Happy New Year Greetings to you all.
Since I sent a voice message for the New Year, I was not quite ready yet to send email but current circumstances require me to say something to you.
My principle appeal to you at this time is to guard your hearts from offence and discouragement and choose to believe the truth instead of what the world would like you to believe. However, I hear you loud and clear when you say that some information must be provided to forestall all manner of grapevine.

In the current information vacuum, you will ask then what is the truth that we must believe? !
As you may recall, Uganda won a massive victory against Heritage Oil and Gas Limited (HOGL) at International arbitration. This case was an unprecedented win for the country, and as a result of which, a combined total of about USD 700m was collected for Uganda. It was the first of its kind in Africa in the sector of Oil and Gas Taxation.

Following these developments, Government through the office of the Attorney General recommended that the multi-disciplinary and multi sectoral team of officials that had participated in a core, non-core and support staff capacity be commended and appreciated by a Presidential Handshake. The entire team came from URA, Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs, Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development and the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development. This matter was put to the Fountain of Honor who graciously agreed and directed me to be the Accounting Officer through whom an appropriate reward would be made to the 42 Government officials, since URA was the birthplace of the tax case.

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I communicated the figure of UGX 6bn as an appropriate reward to the team, taking into consideration taxes and all statutory deductions as applicable. All approvals, authorizations and processes to effect the payments were followed and properly secured in accordance with the Public Finance Management Act, as amended.

It is unfortunate that some among us will choose to spread falsehoods at the expense of people’s names and reputations. There is a list, believed to originate from some URA quarters, that is being circulated on social media that contains false information of amounts paid and purported beneficiaries. I want to be categorically clear that the payments made did not exceed 200m/= and the following URA staff, both current and former, are erroneously on that list as they are not part of the 42 beneficiaries:

  1. Kyomuhendo Irene
    2.Nabwire Agnes W
    3. Nyakwera Jennipher
    4. Nanziri Justine Stella
    5. Wabokha Robert
    6. Sebyala Samuel
    7. Semombwe Charles
    8. Patrick Mukiibi
    9. Kateshumbwa Dicksons
    10. Saka M Henry
    11. Otonga Michael Ochan

Always be mindful that significant successes have been scored by URA in the recent past in the struggle to streamline tax collection, e.g. through professionalizing the clearing fraternity, asserting our right to break questionable aggressive tax planning schemes by some taxpayers and break some corruption syndicates and schemes among staff. Understandably, there will be emotions around this but we will not be distracted and we will be relentless in our struggle against tax evasion and zero tolerance to corruption.
So Team, please stay calm and concentrate on your work because despite the distractions around us, we have a job to do.
Kind Regards,
DORIS AKOL| Commissioner General
Uganda Revenue Authority.https://theugandan.com.ug/shs6-billion-oil-cash-bonanza-leaves-poor-ugandans-lamenting/




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