Stop being a partisan NRM army: Mao’s Tarehe Sita call

Stop being a partisan NRM army: Mao’s Tarehe Sita call
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Democratic Party has challenged the army to dedicate themselves to serve the people’s army not National Resistance Movement (NRM) party.

Addressing the party weekly press conference in Kampala DP president Norbert Mao noted as army celebrated their day of Tarehe  Sita, they should reflect on the characteristics of a national army including being non- partisan, and respectful of civilian authority.

Mr. Mao noted that given the conduct of the 10 army representatives during the debate and voting of age limit bill has cast a lot of doubt as to whether they are really nonpartisan.

He stressed that the army should be national not from one part of Uganda.

Mao has been outspoken opposition politician, both in Parliament and local politics. He rose at a time when the region was embroiled in a war orchestrated by Joseph Kony, which ravaged the region for over two decades. He was instrumental in trying to bridge the gap between the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) rebels and the government by lobbying for the passing of a general amnesty law. This was aimed at bringing a peaceful solution to the war that had pushed more than a million people in displaced people’s camps.

In the opposition today, Mao has cast himself as anti-unity leader unless he is the one leading as the joint opposition flag bearer, making many supporters wonder whether he wants change or simply wants to be the change.


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