Frank Gashumba found with cocaine, marijuana – says CMI

Frank Gashumba found with cocaine, marijuana – says CMI
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The Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) have told journalists that Mr Frank Gashumba, a Kampala businessman and social critic found in possession of cocaine, marijuana and multiple passports in his name.

Mr. Gashumba, CEO of Mali group of companies has been paraded before media on Tuesday evening in Kampala.

The arrest of Mr Gashumba comes after President Yoweri Museveni’s directive to CMI to carry out parallel investigations into the murder of Assistant Inspector General of Police (AIGP) Felix Kaweesi.

Last week, CMI arrested and arraigned nine people including seven police officers and charged them before the General Court Martial for kidnap and espionage.

However, unconfirmed reports say Mr Gashumba had been picked as part of a wider network of individuals who are spying for the government of Rwanda.

Mr Gashumba runs a civil organisation known as Sisimuka Uganda where he sensitizes Ugandans about government excesses and failures.

Arrested ‘Rwanda spy’ Frank Gashumba paraded before media

Meanwhile, Sheila Gashumba, and daughter to the arrested Museveni critic has this afternoon flown to South Africa.

Sheila’s friend, however, said that she has gone to Cape Town on holiday as earlier planned and that her trip has nothing to do with her father’s arrest.

A search at the office of Gashumba Frank yielded a second passport in the name Gashumba Franco Malimungu-passport no B0958085,several other stamps and documents authored in the name of Ministries of; MODVA, Agriculture Fisheries and Animal Industry.
A police case file was opened up on the group vide ref CPS KLA CRB1456/2017. Mukungu Nasser was granted police bond as the search for Innocent Kasumba aka Simon went on.
The army has opened up on the arrest of Frank Gashumba and one Innocent Kasumba, who were allegedly netted planning to fleece and investor.
Also of late a number of people had reported Frank Gashumba trying to blackmail them purporting to be carrying out investigations about their property on behalf of IGG



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