Yellow Abiriga ‘thumped’ inside Parliament for supporting the lifting of age limit 

Yellow Abiriga ‘thumped’ inside Parliament for supporting the lifting of age limit 
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Arua municipality MP Ibrahim Abiriga has Tuesday afternoon been physically assaulted at Parliament by Ayivu County MP Bernard Atiku.

The ‘ungentlemen’ from West Nile have been spotted scuffling a few minutes after 4pm. Abiriga is one of the MPs supporting the lifting of age limit while Atiku does not.

An eyewitness said they started by having a heated verbal exchange over their differences in West Nile and then slowly they dragged into the now contentious age limit talk.

Abiriga had earlier today said some MPs in the ruling party, NRM “are bad people”, “double dealers”.

During the day they are one side and at night on another side, the former RDC says.

The incident happened at the entrance of parliament for about five minutes before security officials and other legislators; David Abala (Ngora North) and Gaffa Mbwatekamwa (Kasambya) came to separate the two.
NRM’s slay king and Arua municipality MP Ibrahim Abiriga aka the “Yellow boy” refreshes after fighting with a fellow MP on Tuesday

A similar incident happened to Mr. Abiriga last month while he moving out of Parliament. An unidentified youth pounced on him and reached for his neck. The stranger tried to strangle him,as he screamed for help,the old man managed to escape and ran to the packing lot to pick his gun.

Tuesday’s fight between Abiriga and Atiku  came at a point four rebel MPs who dared oppose the age limit bill are now hounded by police for allegedly inciting violence.

Police also accuses the legislators of engaging in offensive communication yet a minister who also incited the army to suppress constitutional order has not yet been summoned.


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