Woman bites off man’s manhood after getting “tired of sex”

Woman bites off man’s manhood after getting “tired of sex”
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A 22 year old woman has been apprehended after biting her lovers private parts in a lodge on William Street in Kampala.

Pamela Nankanja who works in Gayaza trading centre as a shop attendant and stays in Salama is said to have bitten the private parts of a temporary lover identified as Frank Segawa after a short love relationship went bad.

The two had earlier been seen enjoying eats and drinks before they locked themselves in a room to have a good time.

Segawa, a businessman dealing in fish in Bwaise is now hospitalized at a health facility in Bwaise.

Nankanja told police that she had agreed to have a good time with Segawa after he agreed to pay her Shs10, 000 for her services but trouble began when the lady started complaining that she  was tired. However, Segawa’s insatiable appetite was yet to be quenched.

Nankanja allegedly pleaded with her “lover” to get off her but Segawa was defiant. After a while of negotiating, Nankanja started screaming for help from those outside.

It is said that as she screamed, a fight ensued between the two and Nankanja reached for Segawa’s manhood biting him badly.

The next thing Segawa knew was seeing blood oozing profusely from his private parts.

However Segawa dismissed Nankanja’s account saying, she wanted to steal his money.

Accordning to the deputy police spokesperson, Asp Paul Kangave, police have slapped an assault charges on Nankanja who is currently detained at William street police post.


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