Who’s That Ugandan Girl? Interview with sexy UK-based singer Alice Violet Mutumba “AVM”

Who’s That Ugandan Girl?  Interview with sexy UK-based singer Alice Violet Mutumba “AVM”

AVM has come a long way. Quite literally. Born in Kampala, the sexy singer moved to London, England at the age of 8 but right, Alice Violet Mutumba is about to become your new obsession.

The artist is creating tracks that are powerful and moving, often including sexy statements within them.  Her raw vocal talent is evident in her trending single Tuzine, meaning, “Let’s Dance”. The track is catchy, with a hook that is instantly goose-bump inducing.

Destined for great things, we sat down with the unique artist herself online to find out all about her.

What music are you listening to right now?

Eazzy Banking

Right now am listening to Wizkid ft Drake ‘Closer’ it’s my favorite song at the moment it’s what I call progressive  ‘Afrobeats’ African music going international.

When did you first start making music?

I started in early 90’s but stopped for education purposes I resumed in 2014 and am progressing from there.

Can you tell us a little about your creative process and her far it has taken you?

I’ve always been a creative from a young age loved dancing singing writing etc. My creativity in music started with firstly writing, I’ve always loved singing but was never brave enough so I started writing some songs and asked my friends to sing them, I sent the demos out to different record labels and by luck one A&R from Virgin records called me and invited me to the label’s headquarters. He was interested in my writing skills and wanted to develop me as a songwriter for artists on the label. I was very young at the time and naive and due to family issues did not pursue this. I actually stopped doing music not long after that. I instead fed my creative urges by working behind the scenes in the entertainment industry, I created and published 5 issues of my magazine, True Magazine, I created, planned and organised a yearly music and fashion event called Music on the Catwalk out and the first event was presented by Gaetano Kagwa and our headlining artist was Tinie Tempah. I worked on other people’s events including the Nigerian Ent Awards in the US and created some TV concepts. I also encouraged my friend Tatiana Durao to start a music career and introduced her to a producer in London who worked on her first ever music album. I was with her and helped manage her music career in its very early stages. She is doing well with it in Angola. she, in turn, got me a job in Angola for Boom Music a label part of a group of Portuguese media agencies. I worked there for 6 months helping them sign artists for their mixed tape released.

AVM’s biggest songs so far “Tuzine” (Let’s dance) was recorded in Lagos Nigeria and produced by Fliptyce, famed for PSquare’s Chop My money ft Akon.

It was in Angola where I started believing in myself and became brave enough to start doing what my heart really wanted to do create music, and perform for people. My story is long but it’s been rewarding.

You’re originally from Uganda. How has this influenced your music?

The main influence is the dance hall aspect, I have to add that flair to my music because Ugandans love dance hall. My accent is heavily British so it is difficult to do that Jamaican patois the producers always laugh at me when I try but I hate to do it. Of course, also singing in Luganda, is another heavy influence these days I’ve put my songwriting on hold and am learning from Ugandan writers the way they flow their lyrics my attempt hasn’t been bad, but it’s good to learn from the experts and develop the skill.

What are your main inspirations behind your music?

Am inspired by many things but most love and human life. The experiences, for instance, wanting to make dance hits inspired by my love of dancing.

How do your own experiences with love manifest in your songwriting?

My life experience translates a lot into my music. My first ever songs were about what was going on in my love life. It is easier to translate what’s going on in your heart into a song than to write about something that doesn’t relate.

How much does your on-video like Tuzine look differ from your everyday style?

Some of the styling in Tuzine translates into my day-to-day such as the club scenes and the street scenes, the dress in the desert is something I would wear at an occasion. But not day-to-day wear.

What has been the most memorable moment in your career so far?

My most memorable moment has to be Tuzine being on rotation on MTV and other major stations, it was also trending in Nigeria. I’ve also been one of two supporting artists that opened for J Martin’s concert in Stockholm Sweden on his European tour. There’s been a lot of good memories including the love I have received from some people in the industry om Uganda like Douglas Lwanga has always been a good mentor and support to me. And my fans in Uganda encourage me every day with their love and loyalty to #AVMNATION.

Are there any particular songs that you associate with your earliest memories?

Am a romantic and love songs by Donnell Jones such as Yearning, you know what I want etc, songs by Boyz to Men and old skool R&B.

Which musicians have been your biggest influences?

Am a Christian and gospel singers like Karen Clarke Sheard and Kiera Shears and Deitrick Haddon have influenced me a lot. Their vocal talent is high class and the love and passion for what they do. Am inspired by people who work hard to achieve their dreams, Michael Jackson and Beyonce is the epitome of this they sacrifice a lot for their art. In Uganda, Sheeba is the hardest worker to me and deserves every bit of her success.

When will you know you have made it?

When I sell out a concert and win some awards.

Author: stephenmuneza@gmail.com, +256772544870 or Twitter @stephenkmuneza



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