Wanted: NBS TV presenter Zahara Toto’s ‘Boyfriend,’ Defrauded Australian Banks

Wanted: NBS TV presenter Zahara Toto’s ‘Boyfriend,’ Defrauded Australian Banks

The nicknames assigned by Police investigators globally to some bank robbers are drawn largely from their appearances or modus operandi.

Anyway, it has come to our attention that Zahara Toto, a TV personality, events host and a proud mother of three is harbouring one of Australia’s most wanted men; Tony Taban Sluleman who didn’t wait for Police nicknaming but rather called himself Don Solo.

In fact, Suleman is wanted in relation to several deceptions at various bank branches in Melbourne in March according to information we have obtained from Victoria Police, Australia.

As Herald Sun Australia reported …  Zahara Toto’s man allegedly used stolen cheques to make deposits at banks in Sunshine, Burwood East and Melbourne CBD. The stolen cheque book is believed to be linked to an aggravated burglary in Toorak last December.

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A warrant for his arrest has been issued and comments on the Police station’s wanted list announcement give hints that he is in Kampala.

As you know, the wanted man recently with a brand new BMW with a personalized number plate (ZAHARA).  You have probably seen that Zahara run to show it off as she took to her social media pages to announce the news. Captioned, “he hooked me up with a ride” she posted a picture of the car.

Zahara posted on social media, “who is ready for a ride” and tagged a picture where she leaned on the car.

Zahara Toto’s Man, Tony Taban Sluleman who is famously known as Don Solo is a wanted man in Australia for defrauding several banks

Here’s the underlying problem … old habits die hard. According to a law enforcement source in Kampala,  the Nigerian man was thereafter dragged to police for failure to pay his bill at Skyz Hotel, Naguru. The case was recorded at Kira Road Police Station Vide SD Ref: 39/28/10/2019.

Little did Ugandans know that he was splashing stolen money on our beloved NBS TV star Toto. Kinda opens your eyes, huh?


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