Upclose with Joanita Zachariassen, Uganda’s music diva in Denmark

Upclose with Joanita Zachariassen, Uganda’s music diva in Denmark
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Joana Zachariaseen  is a fast-rising Ugandan singer based in Denmark. In this interview with TheUgandan, she talks about her destiny in music, how she has been singing as a teen, becoming a voice for change, and more.

TheUgandan: Joana Zachariaseen, how did that name come about?

JOANA: It is my original name so I didn’t really want to change it because I think it’s a unique name so I kept it as it is.

TheUgandan:  You have some talent shows when you were starting up. When was the moment that made you decide that music is something you want to pursue seriously?

JOANA: I wanted to pursue my from when I was 17 years old, I knew that is what I was called for and mostly gifted with. Yes I did “Denmark’s got talent” 2009 and went through to the live show until semi live . That was a platform that pushed me on a new level at that time. Music has always been a part of my life.

TheUgandan: Has your family always been supportive of your talent?

JOANA: Not so in the beginning because making a decision like that at a young age was a bit hard from them to believe that I was on the right track but once they do my determination and the concerts and the progress happening they got more convinced and they knew this was what I called to do. Their support has been great n my dad James Lubega has never missed a concert of mine. He’s been the greatest supporter.

TheUgandan: Living in the Denmark, do you follow Ugandan music? Who are your favourite Ugandan artists?

JOANA: Yes I do follow the Ugandan music and the different artists: I love our Artists a lot and my so far favorites are Sheebah, A-Pass, Irene Ntale and Bebe Cool.

TheUgandan: What is it that separates you from other upcoming singers?

JOANA: I believe we are all unique and gifted. So I am unique in vocal ability,and song writing ability, I have a degree in music and my own kind with a different sound and look as  an international artist. It’s all about believing yourself and I believe in me

TheUgandan: Sometimes people can be very critical about upcoming singers, how do you deal with criticism?

JOANA: I don’t mind about what people say everyone can say what they want but I only take in what’s benefit me most. Upcoming is the way forward everyone has been through the journey of climbing up to the top. No one starts up.

TheUgandan: What can your fans expect from your upcoming songs or album?

JOANA: Great music, a new approach of music sounds and song writing with great groves and vibes and fun. I sing about issues of live and some Gospel in there cus IAM a big believe born again.

TheUgandan: If you were given 3 wishes what would they be and why?

JOANA: To help the poorest and needy, bring light into the hearts of people and through my music to inspire the youth to believe in themselves and theirs gifts abilities and be a voice for change.

TheUgandan: You are still young; do you see yourself still doing music in 10 years?

JOANA: Yes, I do on a global scale and will do music until I die.

TheUgandan: Any last words to your fans in Uganda and all over the world?

JOANA: Thank you so much for the love and loyalty your support means everything to me . I love you all so much. Let’s keep believing in one another, never give up on yourself and your dreams, because dreams do come true.

The sexy Joana Zachariaseen has a new video called #Kyoyagala featuring local rapper TheMith Mayanja that is out on her YouTube channel go check it out.

Follow her: Twitter: @Joanita_Z  Facebook: Joanita Zachariassen  Instagram: Joanita.Zachariassen and her website: www.Joanitazachariassen.com while her music is also streaming on iTunes, Google play, Spotify, Soundcloud and Apple Music among other platforms.

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