Unveiling the new Total fuel card

Unveiling the new Total fuel card
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Total Uganda has unveiled a new cashless payment solution for its customers, in its effort to increase convenience at all its 128 services stations countrywide and empower motorists to manage their spend better. The new Total card was unveiled to the press today at Kampala Serena Hotel, by Mr. Florentin de Loppinot , the Managing Director, Total Uganda Limited.

The new Total card is a safe, simple and smart way of managing not only one’s fuel spends but other personal expenses while shopping. The new TOTAL card will not only give customers access to Total Excellium fuels and Total Quartz lubricants, but also to other services that include vehicle servicing, Total wash, cooking gas,solar products and a variety of convenience products in Bonjour shops.

Addressing the media, Florentin de Loppinot said “Fuel cards are a tool to enhance our customers’ mobility and the new Total card will go a long way in making access to our product and services seamless and convenient. As a brand of choice, we want to create value for each and every customer. In developing this new card, we wanted to respond to our customers’ needs to manage their expenses better and save more money” he noted.

He added that the new Total card referred to as the individual card has been

designed to help customers plan and manage their spend better with the introduction of ceiling limits, choice of services supported and analytic reporting.“We do believe that this will help our customers to spend smartly and budget better” he explained. The company has also made customization of individual cards possible upon request.

He added that the new Total card, launched under the theme “Take Control Get More”, will come with exciting and instant bonuses and discounts. “The card will cost UGX 11,800, but as we launch, we will credit one’s card with UGX 11,800 at registration, he added.

He therefore invited all customers to sign up for the card by visiting any of the 128 TOTAL stations to register and acquire one with any valid official documents.

Over the past two decades, Total has offered the Business segment a Total card, which has served its corporate, government and SME customers well in controlling expenses and facilitating fleet management. To date, over 11,000 cards are in circulation.

According to the company Managing Director, Florentin de Loppinot, the new innovation will also help customers manage how to use fuels and in turn be able to save.
Officials from Total Uganda Limited told journalists that customers can apply for the cards and can also load money on them using mobile money.

The fuel marketing company is now leveraging the valuable lessons and experience it has attained over the years in cashless payments, to give individual customers a new experience in shopping and in taking control of their spend.

This is a Press Release from Total Uganda


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