Ugandans complain about seeing old photos on Facebook

Ugandans complain about seeing old photos on Facebook
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There have been several claims of outdated posts being re-shared on users’ timelines without their permission.

Though the cause of the issue is unknown, the timing has people wondering if the glitch is related to the new version of Facebook’s app on iOS, which came out recently, or the recent Year in Review feature.

Earlier on Friday afternoon, Facebook user Joseph Owino reached out to the site through a Facebook post, inquiring about a photo of his Italian mother-in-law that had been re-posted to his timeline without his permission.

Some users experiencing the glitch commented on his post about concerns that their profiles had also been hacked.

Owino is not clueless about how technology works. He is a renown IT guru who was even in October 2014 arrested on for allegedly hacking into the Twitter account of President Yoweri Museveni.

Another user told TheUgandan on Saturday that she does not know why Facebook is posting random pictures of me that are months old. She said it was inconvenient and weird.

For now, Facebook is the most followed social network in Uganda. It’s has been majorly adopted by the young age and working people and 2015 figures show that Uganda has one million three hundred thousand Facebook accounts, or 3% of its total population of 35 million.

A Facebook spokesperson recently told Mashable that they are aware of the issue “and are investigating.” The company did not provide any further information about how the photos were resurfacing.

It’s been a rough year for the social network, between accusations of heavily contributing to the spread of fake news and that time it “killed” a bunch of its users… Let’s hope it can get its act together in 2017.


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