Ugandan lesbian flees country over state harassment

Uganda’s Minister for Ethics and Integrity Rev Fr. Simon Lokodo after reiterating that the country’s stance against homosexuality and its promotion some of the active crusaders have started leaving the country.

While addressing the press several times at the Uganda Media Center, minister stressed that Uganda will not condone promotion of LGBT practices and lifestyle.

This came after police’s raid on a gay party at Club Venom in Kabalagala, during their annual celebration of the Gay Pride Week.

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About a dozen people, majorly the event organizers were briefly detained by police, who claimed that, the Mr and Mrs Pride Pageant was not authorized by police and was therefore unlawful.

With too much pressure  on homosexuals from state ,a Ugandan woman who has been promoting, defending and sponsoring  the rights of the minority groups has fled the country due to alleged harassment from the government and state security agencies.

Diana Uwera who originally hailed from Rwanda ventured into homosexuality when she had just joined senior one.


Uwera spearheaded the movement to allow the same sex mature persons to marry themselves but the environment in Uganda became too hostile for her after President Yoweri Museveni signed the Anti-Homosexuality Bill.

She one time survived lynching when she led a team of Homosexuals to police headquarters to demand for the investigation of the mysterious death of Kato who was murdered in Mukono.

Uwera was accompanied by her colleagues Susan Namu, Joan Nakatto and Melisa Mugisha, all members of GX, while demanding an explanation after a gay member was killed without an explanation.

The incident attracted hatred and attacks from both close family members and the general public.

With too much pressure from her relatives and family members, Uwera sought refuge from one of her friends.

In 2014, while going back home, Uwera was raped three men specifically accusing her of preferring to sleep with fellow women instead of men.

She was thereafter taken to hospital where she received treatment but her relatives refused to settle the medical bill; it was her gay friends that stepped in and helped.

The harassment did not stop; she was also reportedly abducted and tortured by state agents.

Other girls like Uwera have disappeared in a strange way due too much pressure from anti-homo groups in Uganda.

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