Uganda to set up ‘accidents authority’

Uganda to set up ‘accidents authority’
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Ministry of Works officials are advocating for an authority that will be answerable for the ongoing Road carnage.

This is at the ongoing Uganda Road safety Performance Review Report Validation workshop.

Ronald Amanyire, Secretary of the National Road Safety Council, says currently there is no one answerable in regards to national Road safety. Director of Traffic, Dr. Stephen Kassima agrees saying a lack of coordination between bodies mandated to ensure Road safety is a big challenge.

He however says a lack of proper funding of the current agencies is an even bigger challenge.

In September, Uganda’s roads once again made headlines across the region as we witnessed another accident on Masaka Road in which 14 people were killed as they travelled back to their country, Tanzania, after a wedding in Kampala. Naturally, the impact was felt strongly as is wont to happen when a family suffers such tragic and traumatic experience.



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