Tropical Bank lady killed in Namugongo over ‘picking phone call in bed’

Tropical Bank lady killed in Namugongo over ‘picking phone call in bed’
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Following the weekend arrested of the man who allegedly killing his girlfriend in Namugongo, more details about her death have been revealed.

The fight last week that led to the death Fahima Natoolo, a former Tropical Bank employee was triggered by a phone call while she was with her Andrew Okoth. Police found Natoolo’s body in Okoth’s house on Wednesday.

Okoth who is detained at Kira Division police station told detectives that he used  a knife and a screw driver to stab Natoola several times , before he fled.

“I felt she was not paying attention to me and after she received a phone call, I asked who the person was and her answer was rude. It’s then that we started fighting,” Okoth reportedly told cops in his confession.

After killing Natoolo, Okoth drove to a nearby Laida Clinic to treat the wounds he had sustained during their fight. However, when he nurses started interrogating him, he said he needed to use the bathrooms and then disappeared. The clinic attendants where Okoth abandoned his car, checked it and recovered a card of a brother of the deceased, whom they called and explained what had happened. The discovery of Natoola’s body followed a query of missing persons by a friend on a a Facebook page, Mama Tendo Foundation where Okoth’s neighbor is also a member and helped give directions to the murder scene.

Reports had indicated that Okoth is an employee of Umeme Limited, but the company now says he is not.

“We would like to clarify to the general public that Andrew Okoth is not an employee of Umeme,” the statement posted on Twitter said.

The company said they have since established that the Okoth works for a private company that works with Umeme.

Umeme said they are in touch Police and will offer any assistance that may be required during the investigations.

The Natoolo is one of a several cases of murders of women in and around the city in the last few months.

In the most recent three murders cases, which happened in Entebbe, police found that the victims were killed after being raped.


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