Togikwatako: Kanungu voters denounce Minister Baryomunsi

Togikwatako: Kanungu voters denounce Minister Baryomunsi
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The issue of amending the Constitution, to handle age limit is becoming hot. On Tuesday morning, Kanungu people have denounced Minister of State for Lands, Housing and Urban Development (Housing) who belongs to the ruling NRM party for not consulting them over the impending “age limit removal”.

It took the work of anti-riot Police to disperse Kanungu youth demonstrating against age-limit removal code-named ‘Togikwatako’  and Hon. Baryomunsi’s misrepresentation of their views.

Dr. Baryomunsi has been one of the vocal legislators moving around on media stations in support of a motion for a private members bill that seeks to remove the 75 years cap clause in the constitution and allow President Yoweri Museveni to reign forever.

Baryomunsi insists that is no scientific explanation limiting one to contest at the age of 75.

Last week, former Ethics and Integrity minister, Miria Matembe, lost her cool on live television and went personal with Baryomunsi during an appearance on NBS TV “Frontline” programme alongside Burahya County MP, Hon. Margaret Mugisa Muhanga.

“You’re a rascal. This man (Baryomunsi) must be hopeless,” Matembe told Baryomunsi during the fierce live TV exchange.

Kanungu voters also fault Baryomunsi for continuously commending Hon Evelyn Anite and Hon Ibrahim Abiriga for promoting the campaign.

The minister of State for Housing, Dr Chris Baryomunsi is facing the wrath of his voters over supporting the tabling of the presidential age limit removal motion.
Police has stopped Kanungu youth from demonstrating on Tuesday morning. Their legislator Dr. Chris Baryomunsi says Ugandans should stay calm and accomodate each others’ views.
Police has dispersed People demonstrating against Age limit removal in Kanungu, southwestern Uganda.
Minister of Lands, Housing and Urban Development; Chris Baryomunsi has commended fellow NRM members Hon Evelyn Anite and Hon Ibrahim Abiriga for promoting the campaign.


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