The German Car Show Kampala 2017: Eight minutes with Jayson Matsiko

The German Car Show Kampala 2017: Eight minutes with Jayson Matsiko
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We asked the top executives for The 1st Annual German Car Show at Jahazi Pier Munyonyo to share some thoughts about those European cars, driving and the special activities auto fans should they look out for at the Saturday show. Here’s what we learned from Jayson Matsiko.

Give us a brief background of the German Car show?

The German Car Show is a Ugandan inspired German automotive annual event inspired by German Car Junkies. Our passion for high class automobiles is what inspires us. As German car drivers, we come together for a common interest, we live, love and drive German cars. Today we witness car shows from museums and car factory tours, to scenic drives, race tracks, and the Autobahn. We are excited to bring the idea to life through organizing our very own German car show in our lovely country Uganda where we will interact, showoff and dream about the beautiful master pieces that have been brought to life through well thought German automobile industry and regarded as the most competitive and innovative in the world.

How and when did you come up with this idea?

I have loved and driven only German cars ever since I started driving and the first car I owned was an Audi 80 model and this opened doors to loving German cars, Later Bought a Golf Mk 3 and I now drive a Golf Mk 4 and my love for these cars has gone overboard. The German car show idea was developed as early as 2014 when one day I came across a YouTube Video of some popular car shows in German and I was like I want this to happen here in Uganda but at the time I did not have enough money to pull off a good show plus sponsor connections. But at the beginning of the year 2017, I was like this should happen in 2018, but after talking to a few friends, we decided to do it this year.

Kampala has thousands of car enthusiasts, what special activities should they look out for at the show?

Car enthusiasts should expect to have all the fun at the German car show.  Most German car drivers and lovers like class and classic, new model and pimped cars will be for showcasing at the show and the fact that it’s happening at Jahazi pier in Munyonyo, this is a hangout place with a cool breeze, there will be activities like winning awards for the best and unique cars and winning a lot of prices through the raffle at the show.

This is our first show and our plan to make it an annual show over the years where it happens once a year.

Over the years, there has been so many car shows, what makes this one unique?

This car show is Unique the fact that it’s a German car show and the type of car enthusiasts that it attracts is different. We have many plans for this show and this will be just the beginning. This will not stop at just a show but also a brand for German cars where we will have drivers, Mechanics and car lovers come together and learn from each other on how to best maintain and enjoy German cars.    

Does the German Car Show have any relations with Uganda Vintage and Auto show?

No, there is no relationship. The only relationship I can think of is that they all target car enthusiasts.

Apart from cars, is there any other kind of entertainment?

Yes sure there will be lots of entertainment, like Music by DJ Crim , raffle prizes, Nyama Choma, kids entertainment just to mention a few.

When do you expect the event to gain traction not only in Uganda but all over the continent and beyond?

The German car show has a very strategic laid out plan where our target is to be a show that attracts car enthusiasts all over East Africa in the next 4 years and to attract car enthusiasts from different continents in the next 6 years. So it does not stop at Uganda but also being an International car show happening here in Uganda.

Any awards for the best cars?  

Yes sure there will be awards to win such as;

  • Best German Vintage car on the show
  • Best German Sport car on the show
  • Latest German car on the show
  • Best auto Tv show AWARDED on the show
  • The German car show super lady award 2017

In conclusion, TheUgandan as sponsors would love to invite all car fans to attend at the German car show to interact, learn and feel the German cars.


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