Technocrats are failing me – Janet Museveni cries out

 Technocrats are failing me – Janet Museveni cries out

The minister of Education and First Lady Janet Museveni yesterday revealed plans by her technical team and staff to fail her.

Ms Museveni who is new in the education ministry accused members of the National Planning Authority (NPA) for failing to provide information about their plans so that she can properly take part in the corresponding budgeting.

The First Lady who is a former mister for Karamoja noted that she has been for instance asking her technical staff since she joined the ministry of Education to tell her the number of primary and secondary schools in the country but she has never received such information.

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“Since I joined the ministry, I have been asking how many schools do we have in primary, I don’t get that answer. How many secondary schools do we have? I don’t have that information,” Ms Museveni remarked in a touch tone.

Ms Museveni also wondered how a ministry can operate without clear plans that seek to drive a sensitive ministry like that of education.

Ms Museveni was presiding over a day-long meeting aimed at discussing challenges and suggesting solutions faced by the ministry.

Ms Museveni who expressed disappointment with her staff said that the ministry should now be focused and stop squandering resources, adding that there should be systematic work that brings results.

The First Lady stated that instead of scattering resources, they should focus on a given place, equip it with schools, put there teachers, construct them houses and provide scholastic materials so that you are sure that a particular place has been covered before embarking on another project.

She added that scattering resources has been the main challenge since nothing can be achieved without prioritizing and getting focused.




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