How Taxify is changing the Boda Boda business in Uganda

How Taxify is changing the Boda Boda business in Uganda
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Taxify is an international urban ride-sharing platform founded and headquartered in Tallinn, Estonia, and operating in 23 countries globally. Taxify has a global team of over 450 employees, and is the fastest-growing ride-sharing platforms in the world.

In Uganda, Taxify operates in Kampala. The Taxify app is available on iOS and Android. TheUgandan had a quick chat with Shivachi Muleji, East Africa’s Regional Supply Manager and here are the details.

TU: You recently launched in Kampala, how is business in light of the fact that you are one of the many cab hailing apps in the market?

Shivachi: Business is very good. The people of Kampala have responded extremely well to the Taxify app. We have thousands of people taking rides every week and thousands of drivers already signed up. We have many new drivers being trained and added onto the platform everyday.

TU: How unique are you from the existing service providers?

Shivachi: We treat drivers better. Our commissions are lower meaning drivers get to keep more of the money. We listen to drivers as well and use their feedback to better our service. For riders, we also offer more affordable rates. Lower rates and lower commissions mean riders pay less and drivers earn more. Everybody wins with Taxify.

TU: What challenges have you faced thus far?

Shivachi: The biggest challenge we have faced so far is having drivers who are excited about working with the application but lack crucial elements like vehicles or smartphones. We continue to seek for solutions for such drivers so that no one is locked out of driving with Taxify.

TU: Fuel prices recently increased and are going to keep doing so. How have you protected your drivers from loss?

Shivachi: We are in discussions with a few fuel companies to secure significant fuel discounts for drivers using the Taxify application. We have done this in Nairobi with Total, and are looking to do it in Kampala and eventually all cities where we operate. We hope to close these partnerships soon so that drivers can benefit from the fuel discounts.

Taxify Uganda ensure all bodas have helmets, hairnets and reflector jackets or the safety of the client.


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