Why Taxify boda is the safest option

Why Taxify boda is the safest option
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Why Boda bodas, or motorcycle taxis, are the main forms of transport in Uganda, their safety has been a big issue.

But announcement of a boda-boda option on the Taxify app in Uganda has been heralded as a game changer.

Taxify, a ride-sharing platform, last week unveiled their boda boda option and the Estonian firm has taken measures to ensure that certain guidelines are followed to protect both the boda boda riders and the passengers by carrying out due diligence pre-trip, first aid training for riders and providing rider gear (helmets, first aid kit and reflector jackets). “We most certainly believe that these trainings will equip boda boda riders to handle any situation that arises in their day to day work and will emphasize on the importance of driving safely” Shivachi Muleji, East Africa’s Regional Supply Manager, said.

Taxify has taken measures to ensure that certain guidelines are followed to protect both the boda boda riders and the passengers.
The boda boda drivers have been trained in administering first aid, providing protective rider gear (first aid kits, helmet and reflector jackets) in order to prioritize safety.
for both the driver and passenger, first aid kit and reflector jackets shall be provided to the riders.

According to a source familiar with the boda-boda business in Kampala, by 2013, there were 300,000 boda-boda or passenger motorcycle riders in the city.

Data from Kampala Capital City Authority indicates that 120,000 registered boda-boda riders operate in the city.

They are immensely popular not only among the thousands of people hitching a ride every day, but also among young people hoping to make a quick buck.

In its first days, TheUgandan has been told hundreds of boda-boda riders already signed up to the platform and ready to accept rides anywhere in the city.

“At Taxify, we are always sensitive to the needs of local markets. Our main goal is to provide the most convenient, affordable and reliable way to move from place to place within cities. Boda is a good product for the people of Kampala as it fits well into the culture and is a category that has great potential to provide a steady source of income to many people in Uganda,” Shivachi added.

Taxify Boda will charge 500 UGX Base fare, 70 UGX per Minute, 400 UGX per KM, and 1000 UGX Minimum Fare.

Its success will lead the company to expand to other Ugandan towns, including Mbarara and Jinja, Shivaci says.


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