Takula Cash to change Uganda lottery space

Takula Cash to change Uganda lottery space
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A brand new lottery operator hits the Ugandan market this December … with the launch of Takula Cash, a platform that promises a strong balance of big wins and regular payouts. At a time when more people are heading online and looking at alternatives to national lotteries across the world, it’s a timely launch with a package that should attract interest.

On Monday (December, 11, 2017), the Constitutional Square in the middle of Kampala City became a hive of activities as operators and licensee Lidtech Uganda revealed their new branda with the guest of honour being Chairman of Lotteries and Regulatory Board Manzi Tumubwiine.

Takula Cash is a fun Scratch-and-win-instantly game, with 5 Billion in Prizes, very soon available to the Ugandan customers and regulated by the Uganda National Lottery.

Aaron Kasozi, the General Manager Lidtech Uganda, reassures Ugandans that this particular lottery game will be like no other. Not only does it offer high prizes, easily accessible by buying and scratching a card, soon at your nearest airtime vendor and shops, but it has adhered to all the requirements from the Lottery Regulatory Commission.

It has also undertaken stringent and meticulous methods to make sure that respective winners receive their winnings as soon as possible and that the process is uncorrupted and seamless.

Low tier Prizes, below 4 Million Ugandan Shillings, will be instantly redeemable by Mobile Money while high tier prizes, over 4 Million, will be paid by Lidtech Uganda and the top prizes winners will be communicated via their Facebook page and in the Media.

“Our mission is not only to maximize revenue but also to operate with the highest standards of integrity and public trust. We are committed to meeting our Social Responsibility, so Minors will strictly not be allowed to play, and we will also identify and fund reputable Charities whose activities have a positive impact on the community,” Mr. Kasozi elaborates.

Aeron Kasozi, the General Manager Lidtech Uganda reassured Ugandans that this particular lottery game will be like no other.
Takula Cash that has 5 billion worth of prizes is regulated by the Uganda National Lottery.

The organisers insist that the object of the Instant Lottery Game is for a Player to scratch the game area and match 3 symbols. The games to be played will be Treasure (win up to 5 Million), Matatu (win up to 10 Million) and Soccer (win up to 20 Million).

How to validate your ticket: Upon reaching any of the retailers, every Takula Cash player will need to fill in personal details, namely name, contact and signature and it is the responsibility of the player to ascertain that the Instant Lottery Ticket hasn’t been defaced or already scratched. After the completion of the name, cellphone number and signature section of the Instant Lottery Ticket, the person whose personal details appear on the Instant Lottery Ticket shall be the sole owner of that Instant Lottery Ticket. “And because the lottery gaming business has been smeared with a rather negative and discouraging perception, often times, affiliated with fleecing of unsuspecting participants,” says Mr. Kasozi.

Where to play / in partnership with Telcos: For ease of accessibility of the Takula Cash cards, Kasozi stated that availability will be in the major towns, including Kampala. “Scratch cards for the Takula Cash will be available in multiple shops and MTN airtime vendors all over the country.  We are currently expanding our network to reach even more retail outlets so players have access to the game from day one.” 

Takula Cash involves buying a scratch card just like the normal airtime cards, scratching it and any amount you find repeated thrice on the card is what you have won whereby it comes automatically onto your mobile money account.
Lidtech Uganda will make payments on time as soon as they realize the winner of the day.

The changing landscape of lottery 

Ugandans are beginning to embrace lottery unlike in the past when most people viewed it negatively. Some people have attributed this change of perception to the harsh economy while some analysts attribute it to awareness.

Gambling in Uganda is a legal activity authorized and regulated under The National Lotteries Act and the Gaming and Pool Betting (Control and Taxation) Act. It mainly takes the following form: lotteries, casinos and gaming and pool betting.

Since its establishment, the Commission has issued licences and permits to lottery operators and promoters to grow the market and bring it closer to the people. Lottery is gaining wide acceptance and the huge followership is almost as football in the country, and this has further widened its scope. This, in turn, has opened up series of market opportunities in the country for investors, individuals and government.

Lottery and other gaming outfits have opened up business and employment opportunities especially for youths. Some open up shops as agents, while some are employed to work in these shops. Many unemployed youths who roam the streets see lottery and gaming shops as offices. Many of them survive on their little winnings with losers having hope of being winners in subsequent entries.

Today, Ugandans are being advised by the Lottery Regulatory Commission to invest and engage in regulated lottery, as it gives them a platform to contribute to national development while they stand a chance of having a life changing experience via a jackpot.

In the recent past, several betting and lottery companies have acquired licences to operate in the country. The increasing acceptance of gaming among Ugandans is an indication that the industry will be one of the major contributors to Uganda’s economy in the nearest future.

Lidtech’s Takula Cash lottery was launched at the Kampala City Constitutional Square on Monday.

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