Stella Nyanzi attacks President Museveni again

Stella Nyanzi attacks President Museveni again
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Makerere University academic Dr Stella Nyanzi made a return to in Buganda road court on Monday, May 22, 2017, part of her bail conditions.

Nyanzi, who is a single mother of three pre-teen children, was arrested by security agents at a rally on 7 April and was charged with cyber harassment for calling President Museveni a “pair of buttocks” and has been free for 12 days after she was released on bail.

After today’s session, Nyanzi voiced her concern over the four Makerere University students, Edmond Kahigi, Roy Rugumayo, Hannington Mugarura and Ariho Steven, who were on May 10 arrested at Buganda Road Magistrate’s Court where they had gone to attend the hearing of her case.

Nyanzi wrote online, “Court has been adjourned until Wednesday 24th May 2017 for both hearing and bail! The students are clearly very disappointed!”

“I am seated on a wooden bench on the side of freedom in Buganda Road Magistrates’ Court, in solidarity with the four students of Makerere University who were arrested on 10th May 2017 for holding a peaceful demonstration against my own arrest and imprisonment. Shame on Uganda for arresting and intimidating brainy daring thinkers who hold peaceful protests against Museveni’s dictatorial family-rule.”

“The four students were denied bail and instead remanded to the ugly underbelly of the state called Luzira Prison. Imagine imprisoning university students for exercising their constitutional rights to hold peaceful demonstrations!”

The students, donning the Makerere University gowns, said before being arrested that government should release Dr Nyanzi because they are missing her lectures.Finally released on bail on Wednesday May 10, after 33 days in prison, Nyanzi collapsed at the courthouse, and has been diagnosed with malaria and a urinary tract infection: gifts from Kampala’s Luzira prison.

She will return to court on 25 May and may still be forced to undergo psychiatric tests.



2 Responses to "Stella Nyanzi attacks President Museveni again"

  1. Jonathan Kalani   May 22, 2017 at 5:44 pm

    Nyanzi, our rights are conditional. Keep quiet. We shall rectify all this when the dictatorship ceases. All things which begin have an end. As for now go about your business and leave these politicians alone. They can do any thing to stay afloat.

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