Speaker Kadaga wants to kill me, Persis Namuganza claims

Speaker Kadaga wants to kill me, Persis Namuganza claims

The state Minister for lands Persis Namuganza has appealed to the committee on rules privilege and discipline to urge the Speaker to desist from interfering in Busoga Royal matters.

Namuganza was Wednesday summoned by the committee to give testimony in a probe the committee is conducting into her alleged verbal attack against the speaker Rebecca Kadaga.

Namuganza in her statement accused the Speaker of spearheading the illegal installation of the Bukono chiefdom where Namuganza is a princess, Namuganza adds that this was part of a wider plot by the speaker to use the coronation of the Kyabazinga Gabula Nadiope to install illegitimate chiefs across Busoga.

Namuganza also claims that the speaker threatened her life.

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She says that the succession wrangles in her Bukono chiefdom even attracted president Museveni who on the 28th of Feb ordered for the staying of any installation until he had intervened.

Despite this order she accuses Kadaga of hastily proceeding the next day to install an illegitimate chief, an action that has ignited violence and bloodshed across the chiefdom.

Namuganza has also denied ever being part of the Busoga caucus and denounced the grouping as a clique of disgruntled MPs with no credibility.

She says the group has been illegally deducting a membership fee from her salary for which she demands a reimbursement with 100% interest.


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