Silver lining in Kapchorwa Town as National Water steps up supply

Silver lining in Kapchorwa Town as National Water steps up supply

Moves to save water and boost supply by Karamoja have been given a big boast after the National Water and Sewerage Corporation announced commencement of pipe laying works for the new Kapenguria-Kapchorwa Town water pipeline Project.

The new 4km bulk transmission main will transfer over 3 million litres of water per day to Kapchorwa Town supplementing public water points serving between 500-1000 residents in Market Place, Laketet and Apokwe villages within the municipality and also run by NWSC since 2016.

On Friday, it was announced that state utility NWSC handed over site to the Contractor (Updeal (U) Ltd) to embark on pipe laying works for the new water Project.

A site hand over was organized by the Water Supply Infrastructure Development Manager Eng. Denis Taremwa.

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He said that the pipeline laying works are part of the bigger Kapchorwa Water Supply Improvement Project which entails construction of a new Water Treatment Plant at Kapenguria, modifications in the existing Chebutak Water Treatment Plant, installation of booster stations among others.

The NWSC Managing Director, Dr. Eng. Silver Mugisha shared that the Project was designed in-house and will be financed using NWSC’s internally generated resources.

He confirmed that all the pipes for the pipeline project have already been secured and the Project will be completed by end of May 2018.

Dr. Silver shared that the intervention is in line with NWSC’s Strategic Direction and the Government of Uganda’s  Vision of 100% safe water coverage by the year 2020.

He further appreciated the support from customers who are paying bills promptly.

“Customers who pay bills promptly are helping us extend services to more people in the country,” he said.

NWSC has embarkd on water supply improvement projects for Kapchorwa town

Since June 2016, NWSC has been carrying out water supply stabilization activities to improve supply reliability and quality of water to the area that is home to the Sipi Falls, a favourite tourism attraction in the region, draw a large number of backpackers from overseas and Ugandan visitors, who tour the scenic falls.


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