SEX, GREED etc, find out why Irene Ntale has quit Swangz Avenue

SEX, GREED etc, find out why Irene Ntale has quit Swangz Avenue
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Embattled diva, Irene Ntale has officially left her management label Swangz Avenue. In a brief statement copied to TheUgandan, the sexy diva seems to have tolerated and had a enough of Swangz. Our snoops confirmed and have mined deep into this and here is why Ntale decided to quit Swangz.

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Firstly, Ntale joined Swangz Avenue in 2013 and she signed a contract with that label. According to the contract, Swangz stated that the label was to make sure that Ntale records two full albums and many videos within two years besides two concerts. The label also stated that Ntale would be given 50% of all the money she is paid for any concert in and outside Uganda. In the contract, Swangz stated that the label would also promote Ntales music across all media platforms.

Well, according to what we have found out, reality is: Irene Ntale has up to now recorded only one full album instead of three as described in the contract yet it is now four years past including her last renewal. From 2015 onwards, Julius Kyazze, the Swangz Avenue CEO turned his focus to the bummy Musawo singer, Winnie Nwangi his new cash cow.

According to a methodical investigation, Ntale seemed not to have minded about the money, but she was somehow annoyed because on several shows, she would turn up at the venue to perform but to her surprise, she would be paid almost 30% of the money. Let us say she was booked for Shs 2,000,000, it means, she would only get Shs 600,000 for that particular show, and the Shs 1,400,000 goes to her label  Swangz but we’re told the terms had been improved in the new 2017 contract..  hmmmm is this fair or not ??

Ntale has only released a 27-song album in 4 years at Swangz

Away from that, late last year, after being frustrated for over 8 months by Kyazze, Ntale managed to have her mini-concert – the Sembera Date Night at the Sheraton gardens which by all standards fared well but she was given peanuts by Swangz who made off with the biggest share of the gate collections, this could be another reason as to why Ntale also chose to resign.

Well, a close friend to Ntale has also informed TheUgandan that at first, Irene Ntale’s relationship with her boss Kyazze was more than work related as she double played her boyfriend Jonathan of Laftaz bar at Centenary Park and Kyazze until when a fleshier Winnie Nwangi who won the latter’s attention, love and care previously enjoyed by Ntale. This might have also tortured her because Winnie simply sashayed her sumptuously blessed bums to hit songs, money deals and awards.

Irked by the snub, she even decided to take Jonathan with her to last year’s at the 2016 Uganda North American Association (UNAA) Convention in Boston and not Kyazze as arranged by the organisers.

The “sembera” singer, who has been with Swangs Avenue for the past four years, used her official Facebook page to break the news.

Last week, we reported how her former personal assistant-cum- manager Veronika was secretly been doing music at a studio in Makindye and when Swangz Avenue found out they instead rewarded her with a contract virtually replacing Ntale.

To prove to you that the 2015 Buzz Teeniez Award winner  for Best Female Artist has quit Swangz, she has said.. 

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  1. Clem   January 24, 2017 at 11:51 pm

    How many songs make an album??

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