Queen Mother Best Kemigisa cries before Justice Bamugemereire

Queen Mother Best Kemigisa cries before Justice Bamugemereire
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Tooro Kingdom Queen Mother Best Kemigisa is appearing before the Land Probe to refute claims that she sold the kingdom land, reports Isaac Baligema.

Kemigisa has told the commission that the land she sold was her husband’s private property that he inherited from his father, and now that he is dead she and their two children are the beneficiaries.

Her Royal Highness who even broke down during her testimony, maintains that the burial grounds at Kibitto and Kisomoro Sub-counties, are well protected, and that the claim by her in laws led by Prince Gilbert Mujyoja that she sold kingdom land are baseless.

However she has told the Commission Chaired by Justice Catherine Bamugemereire that out of the Shs 4.6billion she was supposed to get from the land she sold to Government she only received one billion from her lawyer Bob Kasango.

She explained that the reason why she sold 11 parcels of her husband’s land was that it was heavily occupied by squatters whom she wanted to protect from eviction.

Justice Bamugemereire advised Queen Mother Best Kemigisa to have a good relationship with her subjects because a Kingdom cannot exist without subjects. She said the commission is willing to offer her officers to mediate between her and the warring princes and other subjects who are not happy with her deals.

The Queen Mother said she is willing to sit on the round table and sort land wrangles in the Kingdom as long as people talking ill against her apologise to her publicly and remove negative stories against her from the Internet.

Best Kemigisha says she only sold land to Government belonging to her late husband King Patrick Olimi Kaboyo. Photo by Isaac Baligema.


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