Prophet Mbonye’s cultic Jesus-like welcome at Entebbe

Prophet Mbonye’s cultic Jesus-like welcome at Entebbe
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All afternoon, social media has been awash with pictures of men and women welcoming Prophet Elvis Mbonye from a trip abroad.

Wednesday’s cultic tendency at Entebbe International Airport Arrivals terminal was as dramatic as biblical Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem. Mbonye’s followers shout Hosanna! Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord! with placards saying ‘I love honor and celebrate Prophet Mbonye’ presumably the theme of the function as the controversial preacher returned from Angola.

The cry of Hosanna! is a Hebrew word (hoshi`ah-na) that had become a greeting or shout of praise. Not surprisingly, Uganda was last month shocked when men and women were pictured bowing down to Mbonye at Kololo Independence.

Again today, what members of the congregation were doing looked like they were worshiping Mbonye again.

For the past few years now, he has been holding his meetings at various places in the city, including Kyadondo Rugby Ground and Kololo Airstrip. He is also well-known for the prophecies about the country and the world, which he makes at the beginning of the year.

See the excitement on Wednesday morning as followers of controversial city Prophet, Elvis Mbonye welcome him;


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