Prof. Kabwegyere Attacks MPs over Age Limit Debate

Prof. Kabwegyere Attacks MPs over Age Limit Debate
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As the political arena in Uganda gets heated, renowned sociology Professor Tarsis Kabwegyere has criticized the presence of the upper presidential age limit.

While meeting the legal committee on Wednesday morning Prof. Kabwegyere argued that there is a difference between ones chronological age and their biological age.

The professor in his opinion noted that the capacity of ones biological body cannot be limited by a chronological age, he added that ones biological capacity is determined by genetics and not time.

He also told MPs that with the advancement of modern medicine it was possible to identify any defects in biology and have them addressed.

Kabwegyere slammed the opponents of the proposed amendments for focusing on President Museveni.

The opposition have accused the NRM party of pushing for the amendment in order to extend Museveni’s grip on power.

He told the committee that social process and political structure development should not be reduced to individuals. This assertion was vehemently opposed by the Lwemiyaga County MP Theodore Sekikubo who stated that the debate on the age limit cannot steer away from Museveni who was the sole beneficiary of the removal of term limits in 2005 during the 7th parliament in which Kabwegyere was one of those legislators pushing for the amendments.


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