Police intelligence boss kicked out of house over illegal possession

Police intelligence boss kicked out of house over illegal possession
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The director of crime intelligence in the Uganda Police Col Ndahura Atwooki has been kicked out of a house in Kampala he has been illegally occupying.

Col Ndahura has been occupying the house on Plot 16, Old Kampala Road since 2004 (13 years).

The disputed property belongs to Mr Aneez Jaffer, the owner of Fairway Hotel.

Col Ndahura’s eviction comes after Mr Muse Musimbi, the deputy High Court registrar granted Mr Jaffar permission to evict the police boss.

The registra in wrote on February 10, “…this is to direct Ezama Apollo Olema Court Bailiffs to remove Atwooki B Ndahura and Bernard Tumwesigire, their agents/servants or any other person(s) bound by this order and put Aneez Jaffer  in possession of the suit property”.

The disputed property on Plot 16, Old Kampala Road

This followed the dismissal of a case at the Land Division of the High Court that a one Idi Kasumba Baisa, who claims to have bought the property from Ms Agnes Mbabazi, who allegedly acquired it from Col Ndahura, filed to challenge the ownership and halt an earlier eviction notice.

Col Ndahura and Mr Jaffar’s battle dates back to 2004 after Mr Jaffar returned from Indian and reclaimed the property that originally belonged to his parents before they were expelled by former President Idi Amin Dada.

While implementing the eviction order, Mr Sultan Kamala, of T/A Vimba Associates Court Bailiffs, said they secured an eviction clearance from the Inspector General of Police, Gen Kale Kayihura, because junior officers had feared to provide security for the exercise since the case involved a top police boss.

Mr Kamala said that Col Ndahura was among the people who were given Shs65m by Mr Jaffar as maintenance costs they had incurred since their departure.

“He [Col Ndahura] made a consent that he would vacate the house in 2009. He backtracked and sold the house to other people. Today we have implemented a court order for vacant possession of this house,” Mr Kamala added.

The house had been home to at least 16 Ugandans and Asians tenants who looked stranded and anxious as their property were being thrown out of the premises.

Others were caught by surprise as they shed tears accusing the bailiffs of unfairness as they were not aware of any looming eviction.


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