Police besiege ActionAid Uganda office

Police besiege ActionAid Uganda office
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As tensions escalated with possible clashes between the promoters of the lifting of the presidential age limit and those opposed to it, Police has surrounded a prominent civil society organization, ActionAid Uganda offices Kansanga in Kampala.

This website can confirm their office internet has been switched off and over 60 Police involved in the operation have blocked staff from leaving.

In an affidavit sworn by a Walya Henry Peter at Makindye Chief Magistrates Court, the search warrant against the premises of Action Aid International Uganda was issued to obtain evidence relating to elicit transfer of funds for funding unlawful activities.

Large numbers of armed, watchful civil and military police, backed by covert surveillance personnel also patrolled the grounds as well as Parliament and Nile Avenues yesterday and Wednesday.

Police have reportedly deployed heavily at the offices of Action Aid Uganda, a human rights body that is actively involved in championing good governance and fighting poverty.

Positioned at strategic points were water cannon trucks among other crowd control gear, bringing a warzone feel to the House precincts and surrounding areas.

On Tuesday morning, media outlets reported that the Inspector General of Police, Gen Kale Kayihura also went to Parliament for a closed door meeting with the parliamentary leadership, further heightening the siege mentality.

Kayihura arrived shortly after 10am and hurried into Oulanyah’s office on the 5th floor of the Eastern wing of the parliament buildings. He emerged an hour later to talk to his troops deployed around Parliament even as spontaneous acts of civil disobedience played out around the legislature.

These security meetings were held in anticipation of the tabling of a motion seeking to amend the Constitution and removal of the presidential age limit – a hugely divisive proposal.

The proposed amendment has stoked anxieties at a Parliament where some MPs, especially those opposed to it, are inviting the public to pour into the House to follow the proceedings live. In a brief chat with journalists, Kayihura defended the heavy deployments.


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