NPA choking on Shs2.1 billion debt

NPA choking on Shs2.1 billion debt
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The National Planning Authority (NPA) requires Shs2.1bn to fulfil its annual subscription obligations to the African Peer Review mecahism APRM.

The APRM is a voluntary self-monitoring mechanism in which African Union member states evaluate each other’s quality of governance.

The Uganda APRM Process is managed by an independent National Governing Council (NGC). The National Planning Authority (NPA) is the secretariat.

The annual subscription is USD200.000 but Uganda owes the APRM AU arrears amounting to USD400.000.

The Executive Director of the NPA Dr. Joseph Muvawala pointed out that even though a supplementary of Shs1.8bn has been provided to clear the arrears no funds have been allocated for the membership fee in the next fiscal year.

National Planning Authority led by Mr. Muvawala (L) presented their BFP to the Committee on Finance.

James Acidri the Marcaha East county MP queried the relevance of the expenditure by asking the NPA officials to show how the APRM findings have been applied in policy planning.

The minister of state for planning David Bahati promised to furnish the committee with evidence of how government executed the recommendations of the first APRM report.

The National Planning Authority headquarters along Corydon Rd in Kampala


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