Omweso to highlight Valhala’s Night of the Stripes

Omweso to highlight Valhala’s Night of the Stripes
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All civilised societies have a way of unwinding and thus the saying: “All work without play….” The board name commonly known as omweso or omweisho cuts across almost all tribes in Uganda and was played by all age groups. It is believed to have been introduced to Uganda with the occupation of the Bachwezi. They moved around with the boards, playing as they went along to relieve boredom.

Across the country, fl at rocks imprinted with the coordinated holes of this game have been found as proof of its popularity ages ago. The game is played using 62 black pebbles, which are actually berries from the omuyuki tree (Mesoneurum welwitschianum). These berries are very hard and are called empiki in Luganda. Basoga call the game vulumula but the same rules apply.

And revelers will enjoy a fun filled party night of Ugandan music and culture at Valhalla’s Fourth edition of the monthly Night of the Stripes that features The 26th May edition will start at 3pm with Barbecue, cultural and nostalgic games like Omweso, Kwepena, Ludo and Dulu, among others.

Hosted by Kamelo Ivan, the Stripes, is a celebration of the motherland and our Ugandan heritage. A show of Patriotism, Ugandan pride and musical excellence on the local scene. This is a festival dubbed after the Black, Yellow and Red stripes of the Ugandan flag. All roads lead to Lumumba Avenue plot 44 Saturday, 26th May, 2018.

Their line up of seasoned and popular DJs will play all genres of Ugandan music.

The commsision of inquiry into land matters led by lady justice Catherine Bamugemereire has completed one year on the job.

The commission has captured headlines in the dedicated manner in which it has tackled suspected land grabbers and corrupt land officials.

Many persons aggrieved by the actions of the powerful and wealthy land owners have sought justice from the commission hoping that their never ending plight will finally come to an end.


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