Nawangwe castigates Makerere School of Law for fuelling unrest

Nawangwe castigates Makerere School of Law for fuelling unrest

Makerere University Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Barnabas Nawangwe has recommended the indefinite closure of the School of Law for failure to resume teaching.

The recommendation is contained in a 7-page report dated Monday 11th February 2019 addressed to Lorna Magara, the Chairperson of Makerere University Council.

The university council had previously directed the University Management to provide a status report clearly indicating the actions taken to resolve the impasse.

According to the report Prof. Nawangwe observes that in spite of the on-going engagements, the standoff has remained predominant in the School of Law where the school leadership has “openly declared leadership of the acts of defiance.”

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Prof. Nawangwe contends that given the position taken by the School of Law, to defy authority and incite the rest of the University to follow their bad example, it is recommended that the School of Law be closed indefinitely.

“The staff should be required to hand over University property and the students advised to return home and await further instructions,” Prof. Nawangwe says in the report to Council.

He further alleges that the students were being mobilized by Executives of Staff Associations to join them and put pressure on Management to unconditionally reinstate Dr Deus K. Muhwezi.

Staff have been on strike for over three weeks calling for the reinstatement of their association leaders including Dr. Kamunyu Muhwezi the chairperson of the Makerere University Academic staff Association and two others from the Administrative staff association who were suspended by Nawangwe.

Nawangwe says that unconditional lifting of a suspension is not provided for in the Human Resources Manual of the University and is thus illegal and unlawful.

He also observes that the perpetrators of the stand-off want to create a situation in the University which makes it ungovernable.


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