Mwenda parades ‘wife’ to dispel ‘American gay lover dumping him’ rumours

Mwenda parades ‘wife’ to dispel ‘American gay lover dumping him’ rumours
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The cyber war between controversial Ugandan journalist Andrew Mwenda and anonymous Facebook profile Tom Voltaire Okwalinga has taken a juicier twist.

A photo perpetuated to show Mwenda’s hidden and unknown wife has gone viral online.

The only problem is, it’s been called a hoax. But, a fun hoax that’s not too out of the realm of believability given the secrets gay and bisexual Ugandans usually keep hidden in their closets.

BTW … Mwenda is very secretive about his private life which he does not want in the glaring eyes of cameras and newspapers.

The unlikely online hero for President Museveni’s supporters has since been accused of being gay by TVO who claimed the controversial media man now turns his frustration on Ugandans after being dumped by his Californian based gay lover, and fell in a hell of debt with troubled city tycoon Dr. Sudhir Rupareila.

When Andrew Mwenda unveiled his woman on Facebook, he made a statement to those who accused him of being gay.

TVO, a widely-read government dissenter, along with other government critics have this past week attacked Mwenda for calling Dr. Kizza Besigye’s followers ‘losers’ of the year.

Staunch Besigye supportor Moses Atocon Atyekwo captioned the photo: “First of all taking a picture with a opposite sex is not a prove of manhood, secondly Mwendas bedroom choices is his inherent right anyway. He can decide to be a dishonest bisexual lover like he has been doing, but it’s a betrayal to both his male and female partner. To demonstrate his untrustworthy try reading into his facial expression, here shows a smile under duress, the man is concealing tension by faking a smile in fact he seems to have contempt for the female. Scientifically two neural pathways in the brain that mediates facial expressions, enter into a type of “tug of war” over the face when someone is in an intensely trying to conceal their feelings.Meanwhile the lady’s smile is anatomically distinct and indicates a genuine feeling of happiness.Andrew Mwenda take heart we all get dumped at some point but your advantage is you have two functions.”

But, let us be real – Mwenda campaigned against the Anti-homosexuality law in Uganda, even then opposition supporters accused of being bribed by the gay lobby, suggestions that his close friends dismissed as ridiculous.

Translation: The Anti-homosexuality law can be used to trample on the opposition in Uganda.


3 Responses to "Mwenda parades ‘wife’ to dispel ‘American gay lover dumping him’ rumours"

  1. Henry Settimba   December 26, 2016 at 10:33 pm

    Personally, I don’t care whether Mwenda is guy or not and who he loves. But, I hate his support for dictatorship for instance defending those slaughtering their own citizens. I was once horrified to see him openly defending and denying the killers of late Patrick Karegyeya’s in South Africa, as if he was a Rwandan. His main weakness is failure to realise meddling in Rwandan affairs. The behaviour shows how he has no moral value for sanctity of life.

  2. Mark Costa   December 31, 2016 at 4:21 pm

    Andrew has no political backbone, he swings here and there. He knows how to play his cards. If tomoro FDC is in power, you will hear how he will sweet talk about it. Anyway such a character has devastitating consequences. I recently heard him say while appearing on Fronline talk show, that Uganda has the best economy in the region. Best economy when tens to thousands of ugandans are dying of hunger and living in abject poverty. Andrew should leave his comfort zone and face the reality of Uganda.

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