Museveni’s woman Florence Kiremerwa implicated in shs588million gold scam

Museveni’s woman Florence Kiremerwa implicated in shs588million gold scam
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Trouble is brewing for Ms Florence Kiremerwa, the Special Presidential Assistant on diaspora after her involvement was cited in a bogus gold deal where her colleague allegedly conned an American businessman of $160,000 (Shs588m) after promising him 25kg of gold.

Ms. Kiremerwa connected 54 year-old American gold dealer Richard Richards with former Kampala mayoral aspirant Muhammed Kasule also known as Leon  in the US in June, 2017.

Now according to information at the Criminal Investigations Directorate (CID) headquarters in Kibuli, Kasule, a NRM-leaning flopped politician through a company called M/sBlue Diamonds Corporation is being hunted after the gold dealer and Ms. Kiremerwa convinced the investor (Richards) into the deal and later conned him despite wiring upto $160,000 to Kasule’s account in Kenyan Commercial Bank (KCB), Kampala main branch.

Richards says he first paid $50,000 (Shs180m) to Kasule through Kiremerwa for 2kgs of gold (each at $25,000), which Kasule told him he had sent to him in the US whereas not. Richards told Police at Kibuli that he even travelled to follow up on the gold, adding that; “Kasule assured me to go back to the US as he promised to ship the gold.”

The Ugandan politician a few days later told his American business partner that he 2kgs of gold were being held up in Dubai but he had more 25kgs with a collegue identified as Ronney Dooley based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The American said he picked interested in the new deal and wired $109,739 to Kasule who after a few days switched off his known phones and became inaccessible without sending any gold to Richards.

Ms. Kisemerwa’s account collaborates with what Mr. Richards told Uganda Police detectives.

A request for a comment has been sent to the CID spokesperson, Vincent Sekatte.


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