Museveni tips Sebei leaders on leadership

Museveni tips Sebei leaders on leadership


President Yoweri Museveni has called upon all leaders at all levels – political, religious and civic – to always take it upon themselves and work as agents of change and sensitize the masses on create wealth in order to get rid of household poverty.

He added that leaders are not worth any title of leadership if they can’t guide the people that they lead on how to get rid of poverty and live a decent, modern and meaningful life.

The President made the remarks while meeting leaders of Sebei Sub-Region yesterday in Kapchorwa Municipality in his on-going countrywide tour to sensitize the population on how to get rid of poverty through modern commercial and profit-oriented agricultural practices. He observed that it was unbelievable that the African continent, which is endowed with abundant resources especially the big agricultural potential, has majority of its population living in abject poverty and famine due to lack of guidance from leaders.

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He attributed much of the poverty on the continent to failure by the leadership to properly diagnose the causes of poverty in their societies and rightly guide and sensitize the people on the right economic ventures that they should engage in to get out of poverty.

“To solve a leadership problem, such as poverty, you must first understand its cause and to be able to get the right solution. Developing a society calls for its proper understanding, which will help you clearly diagnose it and provide the right solutions. That is what we have always done in the Movement that clearly distinguishes us from other political groups,” he said.

Mr. Museveni told Sebei leaders that since the majority of the people the Sub-Region, like the majority of Ugandans, earn their livelihood from agriculture, it was important that leaders sensitize them on how to do commercial profit oriented agriculture as opposed to subsistence production to earn more and better income.


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