Museveni to nation: Electricity, roads, kidnappings ‘priority’ now

Museveni to nation: Electricity, roads, kidnappings ‘priority’ now

Kampala – 6 June 2018: The State of the Nation Address is one of the most anticipated, highly watched and scrutinized speeches to be delivered by a president.

Its contents usually include guidelines and policies of what the country has set out to achieve.

Not departing from the state of the nation addresses over the previous years, President Yoweri Museveni has sung praises of the streamlined investments in the development of the road network that has led to increased economic growth in the country.

He applauded the government for committing up to Shs4.7 trillion to the works sector.

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He also cited Uganda’s strive to build capacity to generate 2216 megawatts when projects like Isimba and Karuma Dams are completed.

This and the investments in roads is expected to deliver economic growth of 5.8%.

President Museveni also assured the public that government will defeat the current criminality in that has seen several women and children kidnapped for ransom.

He said Uganda today has well-built military and intelligence capacity and cannot be threatened by terrorists operating from the rural areas.

He reported that the new killings across the country have posted a new challenge but the government has put in place mechanisms to build the intelligence gathering capacity in towns and on highways. He said that they were about to round-off the building of this new capacity.

Earlier, the Speaker of Parliament Rebeca Kadaga highlighting the dismal performance of Parliament during the second session of parliament.

The Speaker explained that the performance was affected by among other things the passing of the Age Limit Act which consumed considerable time and resources

She warned the legislators that the third session would entail naming and shaming of legislators who are absent and hold parliament work at ransom.


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