‘Museveni is like a snake’ says Cecilia Ogwal over Age limit

‘Museveni is like a snake’ says Cecilia Ogwal over Age limit
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The Dokolo district woman MP Cecilia Ogwal says President Museveni has betrayed the good intentions he displayed during the framing of the constitutions.

Ogwal who was a member of the constituent assembly that debated the constitution notes that Museveni made tangible contributions in making sure that they shaped the constitution in the best interests of the people of Uganda.

However Museveni disclosed last week that he has endorsed a bill fronted by Igara West Raphael Magezi to amend article 102(b) and remove presidential age limits thereby allowing Museveni to potentially extending his rule indefinitely.

A controversial amendment in 2005 lifted term limits allowing the president to run again in 2006, 2012 and 2016.

Ogwal says she never anticipated the president would aim to cling to power by tinkering with the constitution he helped shape.

When quizzed on why the Constituent Assembly did not ensure that constitutional amendments do not benefit a sitting president, Ogwal said she trusted the president not to go back on his word.

Ogwal has condemned a plan to payout billions of shillings to MPs in order to consult on the age limit bill.

The parliamentary commission an organ that runs parliamentary affairs and is chaired by the speaker is reportedly sourcing for over Shs9 billion in order to fund the consultations.

Ogwal who is a member of the commission notes that this is waste of money and queries the urgency of the age limit amendment.

She says more important bills like the Bio safety bill 2017 did not attract any consultation funding and yet the NRM is reportedly pushing for an estimated Shs 20 million per MP to consult their constituents on the age limit bill.

Ms. Ogwal believes the age limit issue does not warrant any expenditure on consultations since the amendment is unnecessary

The NRM parliamentary caucus vice chairperson Solomon Silwany defends the need for consultations saying the political situation in the country is not the same as 22 years ago when the constitution was framed.


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