Mugyenyi’s Middle East help lead fight against human trafficking

Mugyenyi’s Middle East help lead fight against human trafficking
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A local recruitment firm, Middle East Consultants Limited (MEC) is collaborating with the Ugandan government to improve the safety of kyeyo workers in the Gulf States.

Human traffickers tarnish the image of the labour export industry. They lure Ugandans to countries like Kuwait and Oman where they end up suffering from. TheUgandan has learnt that over 2000 Ugandans are working in those two countries whereas Ugandan licensed companies do not have any business there.

This is why MEC and the government have tried to find new ways to ensure the safety of these young men and women.

The recruitment firm, based in Muyenga, Makindye Division and registered with the labour ministry, says it has already “exported” more than 7 500 workers abroad.

MEC managing director Gordon Mugyenyi said the consultancy has now put maximum resources in monitoring working conditions and visiting employees every quarter whilst reporting back to the Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Affairs and Uganda’s Missions in the Middle East.

“It is our company policy, pre-departure practice that our clients introduce their mature next-of-kin to the company and they are told the type of job, its contract terms and conditions under which their relative will work abroad,” Mr. Mugyenyi said. My advice to those who are seeking for jobs is that they need not use the brief-case street recruitment offices and always carryout due diligence to avoid being defrauded.”

In addition to overcoming fraudsters, Commissioner of Police Moses Binoga who coordinates the anti-human trafficking task force at the Ministry of Internal Affairs on Sunday says government is using Middle East Consultants as a model recruitment agency to work on concerns about Uganda employees’ safety abroad. Some Ugandans who have gone to the Middle East to work as housemaids through other recruiting firms have been forced into sexual slavery and exploited.

“We (government) gave you Middle East Consultants a license after doing due diligence and a series of assessments. The country’s labour minister, Janat Mukwaya was also satified with the way MEC works and it is on record as one of the companies that we never get complaints about it has taken to work abroad and they end up being mistreated,” Mr Binoga said in Muyenga at pre-departure briefing of 80 youths going to work in the gulf states of Qatar and United Arab Emirates of Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Dispatched on Sunday afternoon, the 56 cleaners, 21 hotel waiters and 3 taxi drivers’ arrangement includes free return air tickets, but only on completion of a two-year contract with wages ranging between Shs1-4 million a month with meals and a transport allowance — which his current job lacks — plus accommodation.

An outspoken advocate in the media, Mr. Binoga helps to try and develop preventative measures against international human trafficking. In 2015, Mr. Binoga was named a Hero Acting to End Modern Slavery in recognition of his incredible efforts to combat this crime.

Binoga also pointed out that the company was regulated and held the most valid licence.

MEC has now embarked on recruiting more 200 Ugandans between 22-34 years to work as taxi drivers and interviews are scheduled for July 6.



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