MIDWEEK PLOT! Torino Kololo hosts Evoke Night

MIDWEEK PLOT!  Torino Kololo hosts Evoke Night
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Over the years, different people have come out and started up new theme nights most of which never really trend or even see it to the life of day. However, the guys at Fine Media have brought something new and funky dubbed ‘Evoke Night’ whose debut show is tomorrow at Torino Bar in Kololo- there’s no other way of starting November.

Evoke night is an entertainment night fusing live band, acapella, poetry, spoken word, DJ mixes, and Contemporary dance all custom made to make lit any party loving youth in Uganda. There will be band performances from Evolution Band, and King’s Band, performances from DJ Jona, and poetry performances from the Lantern Meet.

The event also seeks to positively impact youth ultimately while remaining cool and relevant. Evoke night might turn up to be the next event fusing forms of art to entertain, teach, and employ youth as the rate at which students graduate doesn’t reciprocate to the rate at which they find employment.- Don’t miss out on the action starting at 7pm.


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