Mao to expel DP youth linking him to Museveni

Mao to expel DP youth linking him to Museveni
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A sprinter group of Uganda Young Democrats (UYD) has accused the Democratic Party (DP) president General Norbert Mao of working for president Museveni.

The DP youthful leaders led by their group Secretary General Charles Wasswa claim that Mr Mao has been compromised by President Museveni.

Mr Wasswa who has been summoned to appear before DP’s disciplinary committee over his conduct told journalists on Thursday that Mr Mao has taken money from President Museveni and also sold some members to the ruling National Resistance Movement.

According to Mr Wasswa, Mao is responsible for the massive exodus of DP members into the NRM.

Mbidde is seen as an NRM-leaning DP

He pointed out examples of Youth and Children Ninister Nakiwala Kiyingi and Mr Fred Mukasa Mbidde who was recently supported by NRM MPs to win the East African Legislative Assembly elections.

While appearing on nbs television, Forum for Democratic change spokesman Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda also accused Mr Mao of “clapping as his troops (DP members) surrendered to the enemy (NRM)”

Kampala Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago pointed an accusing finger at Mao, saying that the DP president has used DP as a cane to punish the FDC which didnt get a slot in EALA.

Mao reacts

However, Mr Mao reacting to Wasswa’s accusations, Mr Mao said if the youth group continues putting party issues in the media, the party will expel them.

“Exposing these youth to the media is making things worse for them and allowing themselves to kill themselves because much as me as an individual has tolerated their indiscipline for long, other NEC members have been asking for their exposure and the press should instead counsel them, repent and come back to the party line, they risk to ruined their political future,” Mao said.

Meanwhile Mukono Municipality MP Betty Nambooze accused Mr Mbidde of trying to lure some DP members into the NRM, posting on her online platforms that she cannot be compromised by anything.

The background

President Museveni has lately been courting opposition politicians especially from the Uganda People’s Congress and the Democratic Party.

Mr Museveni who won to his side a group of UPC stalwarts including the faction led by Milton Obote’s son Jimmy Akena also managed some FDC members like King Mumbere’s brother Christopher Kibanzanga among others who supported him in the 2016 elections.

Museveni promised to neutralize the opposition in 2016






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