Makerere don weighs in on Kenya elections

Makerere don weighs in on Kenya elections
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Political analysts are calling on the Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta to work towards an all-inclusive Kenya in the after math of the just concluded Kenyan election.

Kenyans voted along tribal lines, a trend that Makerere University History Don Mwanbutsya Ndebesa says has hugely distorted democracy in the East African Country.

Ndebesa says Kenyatta needs to work towards equitable resource distribution among all Kenyan nationals, as a way of healing the ethnic divide that reared its head during the hotly contested presidency.

Ndebesa also says Africa needs to adopt a political model that ensures that all ethnic groups in their countries are represented politically. In regards to the Kenya election, Ndebesa says minority groups felt sidelined by the bigger tribes in the country.


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