Lwengo NGO Joy for Humanity launches in the UK

Lwengo NGO Joy for Humanity launches in the UK
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Joy For Humanity (JFH) a non-profit organisation launched in the UK on November 3rd to advance education of children in Lwengo District and to make provisions for the financial and other material support of those who would otherwise be prevented from or have limited opportunity to benefit from education.

JFH UK branch is spearheaded by a formidable board of Trustees, Joseph and Shilla Lukwago, Kevin and Heather Belcher and a team of passionate organisation Ambassadors, Sheila Keenan, Nicole Belcher and Hayley Carr.

At the organisation reception event held on November 26th at Lauriston Road, London, the team treated guests to a cocktail and presentations afterwards.

Joy For Humanity Founder and CEO, Joseph Lukwago informed guests that 70 children are currently sponsored by the organisation and are attending Kyazanga Modern Primary School in Lwengo district. He noted that each child requires £18 (Shs. 84,600) per month to attain primary education through the school that has 400 alumni that are back in their communities and making a difference.

Lukwago added that the long-term objective is to empower households using a learning by doing methodology to enable them to access basic needs such as shelter, food, clothing, health, education and a decent form of transport.

The Chairman of Joy For Humanity UK, Kevin Belcher informed the guests that a demonstration centre of 600 layers had been established for the organisation’s pilot 20 Self Empowerment Group members to learn better poultry farming methods as they prepare to receive their own chickens.

He added that they also intend to construct a decent and affordable house worth £1750 (Shs. 8,225,000) for a disabled window of 5 children who currently rents a small room for the entire family.

The guests were also invited to visit Uganda which was ranked among the top 16 holiday destinations for 2016 by CNN and ranked as a top tourist destination for 2012 by lonely planet.


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