Langi, Acholi form dangerous rebel army to oust Museveni, Opposition MPs linked to plot

Langi, Acholi form dangerous rebel army to oust Museveni, Opposition MPs linked to plot
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A Ugandan rebel outfit mainly comprising of Langi and Acholis that is operating under tag ACHOLI-LANGI JOINT ACTION AGAINST MUSEVENI CONSIPARCY training in South Sudan has been linked to opposition MPs opposed to the lifting of the presidential age-limit, TheUgandan understands.

A highly placed military source revealed on Monday that the red robins donned by opposition legislators in Parliament last week as they fought their NRM counterparts on the floor of Parliament during the aborted session are characteristic of the RED TAG FORCES in the north, with matters worsened by the fact that some Ugandan politicians are said to be among the benefactors of the rebel outfit.

The Ugandan rebels launched an attack at Kaya in South Sudan and gave out supplies including ragged strips of red cloth similar to what MPs were putting on Thursday. To rebels, the red ribbon was to identify themselves to each other as friendly forces as the opposition legislators like Hon. Ssemujju Nganda could also have been sending a solidarity message that they are executing their rebel work on the parliamentary front.

But UDPF’s heirachy places the above forces alongside another alleged rebel movement in Uganda called Super Coalition Against Despots (SCAD). In the audio that is fast spreading on social media, SCAD rebels urge their supporters to share widely, the suspected rebel group takes blame for the “deteriorating situation” in Uganda and vows to “attack and kill” family members and supporters of President Museveni.

UPDF Spokesperson Brig Richard Karemire told respected website Chimpreports, “The Security forces are investigating this so called SCAD and others to establish their actual existence.”

Asked to describe the nature of inquiry being carried out, Karemire responded: “It will be a holistic investigation.”

Brig Karemire says the basis of the investigation into SCAD’s operations is that “someone somewhere is sounding war drums to disrupt peace and security.”

He, however, warned that no rebel movement would ever succeed in a violent regime change in the country.

“We, however wish to reassure the public that no rebel movement will succeed,” warned Karemire.

“In the past, the UPDF working with the people and taking advantage of its now superior capabilities, have defeated groups like LRA, UPA, FOBA, NALU etc,” he added.

Karemire emphasised that “any path they take to achieve their objective if at all they exist, must follow the constitution. There is no short cut.”



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