Why Kizza called MPs’ age limit money evil

Why Kizza called MPs’ age limit money evil
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The Leader of the Opposition in Parliament has labelled funds availed to MPs for consultations in the Presidential Age Limit Bill, as immoral and evil.

Parliament released Shs13 billion for the consultations, with each MP receiving 29 million shillings.

Kiiza announced this morning that she will be returning the money.

She was joined by the Deputy Opposition whip, Roland Mugume, who has also decided to return the money today.

The two MPs displayed the cash before the press amounting to Shs58 million that the money was not given in good faith and was processed through a violation of a number of Parliamentary laws.

Kiiza a member of the Parliamentary Commission that was meant to authorize the expenditure of the Shs13bn says the commission and parliament itself did not authorize the payments.

She said she is not aware of the origin of the money.

Kiiza notes that as a person who is responsible for keeping government in check she finds it immoral to accept the money.

She reiterates a position held by other opposition MPs that legislators are fully facilitated to consult the electorate on any parliamentary matter.


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