Kibuli HM forced to leave in wake of accusations he ‘could have infected HIV to school girls’

Kibuli HM forced to leave in wake of accusations he ‘could have infected HIV to school girls’
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Hajj Ali K. Mugagga, has been sent on forced leave over allegations of sexual harassment at Kibuli Senior Secondary School, management said.

The astute educator will now be replaced by Hajjat Mastulah Nambajjwe, who has been the deputy head teacher – welfare after he was accused of ruthlessly sleeping with underage female students promising them a good future.

“Effective 24th January 2018, Hajjat Mastulah Nambajjwe will be the Acting Head Teacher. We regret all the inconvenience that will be caused by this development,” the school said in a statement.

Whistleblowers, with code name UB40 led by by a one Leonard Ronald Egesa allege that Mr. Mugagga exploits beautiful girls from poor backgrounds after promising them heaven on earth. They further claim that the head teacher also turned the home of his late wife n Seeta into a ‘sex den’.

The group has advised parents having female students at Kibuli SS to take their children for HIV/AIDS testing and if results come out negative they should seek for plan B of looking for other schools for the girl children.

“If there is anyone having all the evidence, bring it out and we table it in court. Why is it that I don’t know those girls?” Mr. Mugagga retorted when asked for a comment about his situation.

A female student of Kibuli SS. It is not clear whether Mr. Egesa is a parent at the school, but it should be noted that over the past few days he has been posting a series of warning on Facebook, urging parents to withdraw their daughters from the school and then have them tested for HIV/Aids.


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