Kenyatta family’s Brookside Dairy injects Shs 1.2 billion in Gulu 2017 East Africa Schools’ Games

Kenyatta family’s Brookside Dairy  injects Shs 1.2 billion in Gulu 2017 East Africa Schools’ Games
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Hon. Charles Bakkabulindi, Uganda’s Minister of State for Sports is confident the hosts of 2017’s regional Brookside East Africa Secondary School Games will have no problems organising a wonderful event.

But he acknolwdges Gulu Municipality in the Northern part of Uganda will have to work harder with support from all stakeholders inorder to match the competition’s big reputation.

“As the Ministry of Sports, we salute Brookside Limited and Gulu Municipality, “Bakkabulindi said Tuesday at this edition’s launch held at Imperial Royale Hotel.

Brookside Limited, the dairy firm, in which the Kenyatta Family is a major shareholder, who also own Fresh Dairy, Uganda’s biggest dairy firm since 1967 will spend over Sh1.2 billion in sponsoring this year’s edition. The games that bring together Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi and Southern Sudan schools are scheduled to run from 16th – 27th August 2017 at St. Joseph Layibi College, Pace Stadium, Kaunda grounds and Sacred Heart Gulu.

“These games have for many years been the nursery for talent nurturing and development in East Africa, this edition in Gulu will without a doubt be exciting,” Bakkabulindi added. “By the time the 2017 Brookside East Africa Secondary School Games end, the whole of Gulu will be talking about it, businesses will have made a lot of money as well.”

“I appreciate the rotation of the Games by the Federation of East Africa Secondary Schools Sports Associations.”

The Games involve sporting competitions in various games each of the six countries’ two best secondary schools in various boys’ and girls’ sports disciplines.

Speaking during the launch event Oliver Mary, Marketing Director Brookside Limited said, ‘As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility drive, Brookside Limited supports education initiatives such as the Brookside East Africa games which develop the complete individual in terms of Sports, Academia and Health. Brookside Limited has injected Shs1.2 billion.”

Oliver Mary added that Brookside Limited believes that every child has a talent that needs to be identified and nurtured. “To this end, we are sponsoring the Brookside East Africa Secondary games because through such programs, the youth are able to play while at the same time use sports to identify and nurture their talents.”

He explained that the championships are held in different countries every year and the venue is never the same such that students can travel to different parts of East Africa and also learn more about their geography and the different cultures across East Africa.

This is the 8th time Brookside is sponsoring the regional school games scheduled to begin on 16th August 2017 in Gulu Municipality in the Northern part of Uganda

Justus Mugisha, the FEASSSA president said they have prepared well for the games and expressed optimism that they are working towards having the future editions telecast live on Television.

“More than 4000 participants are taking part this year thus having Brookside’s support once again is a big boast to our organisation,” noted Mugisha, also the 1st vice president of the Federation of Uganda Football Associations (Fufa)

“Going forward, our target is to make sure that our games are shown live on Television across East Africa so that everyone can enjoy the massive talent showcased every edition for the last 17 years.”

The Gulu District Sports Officer Mr Aldo Otto said they were ready to win the accolades Gulu teams are participating in.

Last year’s games were hosted in Kenya, Eldoret.


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