Kenyan banker Yeda accused of masterminding fraud at EADB Kampala

Kenyan banker Yeda accused of masterminding fraud at EADB Kampala
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Members of Uganda’s Parliament have been asked by a whistleblower to investigate Vivienne Yeda Apopo, a Kenyan banker and business attorney who is the current Director General of East African Development Bank over operating against the bank’s policy and guidelines.

She is accused of inpunity and abuse of office before notorious MP Nandala Mafabi over exaggerated travel expenses and per diems, presenting false bank profits and trying to collude with external auditors Ernst & Young Nigeria and South Africa to manipulate evidence while valuing bank properties. Ms. Yega is also accused of going ahead to use $200,000 of EAC taxpayers’ money between July 2016 – November 2016 to hire very expensive firms like KPMG Nairobi and individuals to protect her.

‘It should be noted that staff members of EADB could not come out in the open for fear for their lives and the jobs since it is clear that board members like Caleb Rwamuganza, Keith Muhakanizi, Francis Karuiri and others are protecting Ms. Yeda,” the whistleblower  begged MPs to intervene and check the powers of the Director General.

“No one is fighting Yeda, it is her past actions that have come back to haunt her. All we are concerned about is to return sanity and integrity at EADB,” the whistleblower added.

EADB’s representatives are yet to come out with a statement.

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