Kayunga witchdoctors wanted Ivan Ssemwanga’s skull

Kayunga witchdoctors wanted Ivan Ssemwanga’s skull
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The late Ivan Ssemwanga’s grave was vandalised by thugs a few days ago. According to a relative of the late, witch doctors in the area (Kayunga) have allegedly been asking their clients who wanted to get wealthy for the skull of the late, photos shared by Luganda daily Bukedde showed.

Ssemwanga, 40, father of three children was laid to rest at his ancestral grounds in Kayunga in May this year.

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Since the burial of Ssemwanga, his relatives hired security personnel to guard the grave but reliable sources have revealed that they defaulted on monthly payments. They were only paid for the first month sh600,000 although they had agreed to pay them sh1m per month.

Ivan Semwanga was the leader of a group of socialites called the Rich Gang. The other members of the group were Ed Cheune and his cousin, Lawrence Senyonjo popularly known as King Lawrence

The group was known for throwing flamboyant parties and dishing out money every December when they returned to Uganda for the festive season.

City partygoers have described Ivan as “a man that brought life to showbiz in Kampala”. Many people always wanted to hangout at the same nightspot at Ivan.

This year’s edition at Club Guvnor has been cancelled.


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