Kaweesi shooting iPhone video bought for millions

Kaweesi shooting iPhone video bought for millions
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The terrifying footage of the the killing of former police spokesperson Andrew Felix Kaweesi has been obtained by Police, reports say.

The amateur video shot by an eyewitness, one of Kaweesi’s neighbours from a house window indicates that the slain Police officer took the first bullet at 9.18 and by 9.22, the  gunmen were charging his body and collecting all bullet cartridges from the crime scene.

The five-minute video recorded using an iPhone was obtained by the Chieftancy of Military Intelligence (CMI) with the owner giving it to security in exchange for Shs5miilion  cash compensation.

The video has been given to the Federal Bureau of Investigation to redevelop it for purposes of identifying the suspects.

President Museveni who receives daily updates is using the experienced investigators  to handle the Kaweesi assassination probe because of the military nature of the operation.

The Chief of Military Intelligence, Col Abel Kandiho, said the investigations are being jointly done by security agencies but said all the updates on the investigations can only be given by police. “The investigations are jointly done but police is the lead agency,” he said.

The Minister for Security Lt. Gen. Henry Tumukunde said that the murder was the work of “professional hitmen” who knew what they were doing.

A number of suspects (the exact number is not clear) who have been arrested over the shooting of former AIGP Kaweesi, his driver and bodyguard just about 500 metres away from his residence in Kulambiro, Kampala, on March 17.




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  1. Jonathan Kalani   April 3, 2017 at 5:21 pm

    I am happy there is a video. The killers will be got. Are you God to terminate one’s life?

  2. ssebigajju   April 3, 2017 at 6:00 pm

    ha let me hope so

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