Kaweesi murder: Suspected killers’ relatives demand for them dead or alive

Kaweesi murder: Suspected killers’ relatives demand for them dead or alive
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Relatives to the four suspects who were recently arrested by security operatives after being granted bail by Nakawa Court have asked the High Court to issue Habeas corpus orders compelling Government to produce their kin dead or alive.

Today, the head of the Civil Division of the High Court Justice Steven Musota has heard that Umar Maganda, Ahmed Senfuka, Ibrahim Khisa and Abdul Majidu Ojegere were arrested two weeks ago but have never been formally charged with any offence before any courts of Law.

The suspects’ Lawyer Anthony Wameeli has informed court that the 4 men are being held incommunicado with no access to their lawyers, doctors or relatives.

The four suspects are part of a group of 21 others who were charged with murdering former Police spokes person Andrew Felix Kaweesi .

Their re-arrest came shortly after Nakawa court had released them on bail.

The Attorney General who was sued for the actions of the security operatives has been represented in court by State Attorney Allan Mukama but denied having knowledge of the whereabouts of the four men.

Mukama however told court that the Attorney General is willing to help trace the whereabouts of the four  suspects.

Justice Musota has directed that the lawyers separate the application and create a file for each suspect since violations are done on individual rights.

The judge has now ordered the parties to return to court tomorrow afternoon.


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